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How To Corner On A Mountain Bike

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How To Go Around A Sharp Corner On A Mountain Bike

  • Slow Down
  • Pick A Line
  • Look
  • Turn
  • Pedal

Cornering is an essential skill. When done properly, it is tons of fun! Here are the steps to cornering properly.

Slow Down

Slow before the turn. Don’t brake during the turn. Braking during a turn is dangerous, which is why you want to do all your braking before the turn. Feather the rear brake if you have to slow during the turn, but not the front brake. You need to let the front wheel track through the corner.

Pick A Line

Pick a good line. Make the turn less sharp. Do an outside-inside-outside line as road conditions and traffic permits.


Look through the turn. You will be looking at the exit. (Remember, always look where you want to go.)


Push against the handlebar with your inside hand, and lean into the turn. Weight the outside pedal for stability. Also, having the inside pedal up decreases the chance that you catch it on the pavement when you lean. For example: If you are making a left turn, you are pushing with your left hand. You have your right pedal down at the 6 o’clock position.


About 3/4 through the turn, you can start accelerating to regain your speed.

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